Molokai on Yacht Itinerary

Molokai’s local economy may have a boost sailing its way. The Safari Explorer, a yacht operated by Seattle-based company American Safari Cruises, will dock at Molokai’s wharf for two days every seven to ten days starting Oct. 29.

“They’re a heart-driven company,” said Teri Waros, owner of Kalele Bookstore. Waros has been facilitating conversations between local business owners, residents and Safari Cruises for several years.

Each trip, the boat will bring up to 36 guests on an upscale experience designed to share local culture and environmental treasures with visitors.

“We’re going to give our guests opportunity to learn about culture without exploiting it,” said Amy Venema, a former expedition leader and captain with Safari Cruises.

Venema, who works in the company’s product development, said the company’s goals include supporting local economy while educating guests on history, culture and environment.

good for our business people, but let everyone know what’s going on,” he said.

Waros maintained the cruise will help Molokai and “won’t open the floodgates.”

“People say ‘don’t change Molokai,’ but if we let our businesses die, we are changing it,” she said.

“There’s always that fear that someone will grumble and stop it,” said Montizor. She said she is worried that plans will be disrupted.

“Whatever feedback we get will only help us operate better,” said Venema. “I recognize the challenges of bringing tourism to Molokai – it’s a treasure you have to defend.”


9 Responses to “Molokai on Yacht Itinerary”

  1. Mapulehu15 says:

    This new tour boat is good news for Molokai! We need more of this type of visitor: short time, interested in cultural education, financially well-off enough to afford this tour. Folks have been forced to move off island because of the lack of jobs. This fairly small-scale tour bout is GOOD! Aloha.

  2. hawaiiangirl says:

    This looks like a win-win for the Island. Older folks with dollars to spend. Small number of passengers. Very exciting. Larger ships will not follow. Let’s give it a try. Be positive.

  3. rickpa says:

    this boat is just a little help that molokai needs,too bad some of the locals there see every little bit of new business as potential nightmares of progress…they only know how to complain,,but have no answers to solve the dilema of no jobs for the island….they need to shut their mouth and open their minds,,,,,,,,,,,but kinda hard when they minds too empty……….these must be the bagas,who majored in lunch and recess in school…….

  4. Molokaiwahine says:

    I am local and I do not appreciate your comments. If you can not be PONO shut up. You live on our island you can go home to your people and where you came from my friend. My mind is not empty and there are No jobs all over the United States. Unemployment IN THE UNITED STATES IS AT A 9% high…… Do you have any suggestions for creating jobs on this island?

  5. Molokaiwahine says:

    This is a great that busineseses in Molokai got together to make this happen.People in our community need jobs to take care of their families.So many people are unemployed and having a hard time making ends meat!
    What is great is that the visitors are going to learn the Hawaiian culture and who and what our island is all about.

  6. mainlander says:

    Maybe this will help but you will make some people angry as usual…You can’t please everyone. We’ll see what happens.

    Will they show the tourists the Ghost town on the West Side ????

    Maybe we can get them to pitch in to buy the Ranch back….This is gonna be interesting. Good luck to Molokai!

  7. MakawaoKen says:

    pa’a ka waha yourself. You the QUEEN OF PONO now? pilau pilau pilau its all you see cuz its all you make

  8. kawelaluna says:

    This is the best that has happened to Molokai in years. Let’s see how this will work out and NO:this will NOT lead to giant cruise ships visiting. A fantastic idea. I am all for Sustainability. This could be the perfect scenario. For all those who don’t want any change at all, how bout find some driftwood, pack up and set up camp on Kahoolawe. Aloha no!

  9. halemalu says:

    i got a good feeling about this. will the passengers have time to visit the Saturday Market? i hope so! will they have time to hear the Kupuna sing at the hotel?

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