Molokai Welcomes New Parks and Recreation District Supervisor


By Léo Azambuja

When Zachary Helm left the head of the Parks of Recreation, he also left some big shoes to be filled. Billy Amoral, the new Parks and Recreation Molokai District Supervisor, knows it. “It’s going to be difficult to replace someone like Zach (Helm) who was born and raised here, and was in the office for 24 or 25 years,” he said.

Amoral just moved to Molokai with his wife, coming from Maui, where he has worked at the Parks and Recreation for 23 years. He started as a recreation assistant, and worked his way to the top. When the opportunity to take the position on Molokai came up, he didn’t blink twice. “I was fortunate enough there was an opportunity to come to Molokai.”

The new head of the Parks and Recreation is no stranger to the island. “I have been to Molokai quite a few times,” he said. From attending his two boys’ little league and high-school volleyball games to hunting and fishing trips, everything was a reason for Amoral to visit Molokai.

Still an avid baseball player, Amoral graduated from Saint Anthony High School, on Maui. He earned an AA at Maui Community College, and a BA in Sociology from University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Amoral has just stepped into his position and says he is still getting acquainted with what needs to be done. “I’m just jumping in with both feet, and keeping my eyes and ears open,” he said.


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