Molokai Water News

By Léo Azambuja

Green men in your yard are not from Mars.

If you see a man invading your yard, and wearing a lime-green reflective suit don’t panic. He is neither an alien nor a spy from some obscure government agency. He is a Pacific Meter Services (PMS) worker, and is just replacing your water meter with a newer, updated version.

In a press release published last week the Department of Water Supply (DWS) administrative officer Jacky Takakura said it awarded PMS a contract to upgrade the approximately 35,000 water meters in Maui County.

PMS workers will go to each house and replace the transponders in the meters, according to Takakura. The transponder is a part in the water meter which reads the meter and sends a signal to a water reader inside a vehicle.

The $3.8 million project is scheduled to be completed by March 2008. The DWS asks residents to make sure PMS workers have clear access to water meters. Inaccessible meters may be cleared at homeowners’ expense.

For more information please call the Assistant Fiscal Officer George Andrade at (808) 270-7302.

Leaky Kalae water tank will meet its maker.

On a different press release, Takakura said the DWS is working with M&M Tanks Inc. to replace the water tank in Kalae. The current tank is leaking, according to Takakura, and will be replaced with a 34,500 gallon tank.

Takakura said the new $60,000 tank should be ready by the end of September. The DWS designed the new tank. Its personnel are working in conjunction with M&M Tanks in the construction of the new tank. 

For more information please contact Takakura at (808) 270-8046.


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