Molokai Teaches with Heart

Submitted by Diane Abraham

The public school teachers on Molokai would like to thank The Molokai Dispatch for the opportunity to have our haumana share their experiences with their most beloved teachers. Each month, kumu from a different school island-wide will be featured in articles written completely by the keiki.  This month’s student articles are from fourth-graders at Kualapu`u School.

Mr. Ryan Link (PE teacher)
One of my favorite teachers is our physical education teacher Mr. Link. I like exercising and playing games during P.E. We learn from him that we get a lot of strength and get healthier from exercise. While we exercise, our body’s muscle builds up. When we run, we can lose energy, but we need to exercise to keep our bodies going.
By Aukai O’Sullivan

Ms. Earline Iaea (Grade 3 teacher)
Ms. Iaea is a great teacher because she can teach us math, including multiplication and division. I liked it when Ms. Iaea helped us do our math when we didn’t know how to do it. She taught us plenty of things. Ms. Iaea taught us also how to do cursive writing, using the writing book. She is the greatest teacher ever. She tried her best to get us ready for 4th grade. Now that we are in 4th grade, we’re going to have to thank her for getting us there.
By Mai Kealoha Guerra

Ms Geneva Castro-Lichtenstein (Counselor)
When I was in kindergarten, I was having a very bad day. Ms. Castro saw me being bad and told me that I had to stay in for recess and put my head down. That did not work, so she had me picking weeds. I did not like that. I wasn’t getting better, and Ms. Castro was about to give up, and she got an idea. She gave me a chart to keep track of good things I did. That really helped me because it made me do good things instead of bad things.
By Channon Bush


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