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Molokai Swim Meet

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By Malcolm Cooper, Maui Dolphins coach

Over the past year, Maui/Molokai Dolphins with the support of Maui County Aquatics and Molokai Parks, have been building a swim team at Cooke Memorial Pool as part of the Maui Age Group Swim Association.  On Tuesday, Nov. 26, we were able to hold a scrimmage-like swim “meet” at Cooke Memorial Pool during our normal 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. practice time, hosting Aka`ula School.

Jess Ford of Molokai’s Dolphins and Vicky Newberry of Aka`ula have been looking forward to doing something like this for quite some time.  Thirty swimmers from Aka`ula and 13 swimmers from Maui Dolphins (MDSC’s high school age swimmers helped out at the meet) participated in 30 events.

Editor’s note: Below are articles from two Aka`ula middle school students, which originally printed in the school’s Dec. 6 newsletter and are reprinted with permission here.

Swim Meet
By Kekumu Helm

Take your mark… Help! I was in the swim meet [a few weeks ago]. The team that our school challenged was the Molokai Maui Dolphins Club. The funny thing was that I also swam with the Maui Dolphins Club, and I needed to swim for both teams. I participated in an IM, which stands for individual medley. It’s 25 meter butterfly, 25 m backstroke, 25 m breaststroke, and a 25 m freestyle. The other events I swam were a 25 m backstroke, 25 m freestyle, another 25 m freestyle, and a 25 m breaststroke. I was soooooo tired and I felt sick. After the meet we had a potluck. All the food was delicious. I sure had fun at the swim meet, and I am looking forward to the next one.


By Qwynci Pawn
Did you come to our swim meet? It was really exciting to swim. It wasn’t really about who would win, it was mostly about having fun and doing our best. I didn’t really care about winning. I just wanted to meet people and hang out with my friends. It was really awesome and exciting. I can’t wait until we do it again.


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