Molokai Surf Shop Burglarized

Molokai Surf was broken into last Sunday night, losing about $6,000 in merchandise, according to store owner Jerry Leonard.

Minimal structural damage included a broken lock and kicked-in door, which were discovered Monday morning. The store’s alarm system was also disabled during the incident.

The burglars took a rack of large T-shirts, board shorts, large size slippers and some ladies’ tops, according to Leonard. The stolen items all had ink security tags – when ripped open, the tags release ink over the merchandise. If the tags are ripped off, they leave a hole in the fabric.

A report was filed with the Maui County Police Department Monday morning. No arrests have been made, according to police records. The sergeant on duty could not be reached for comment.

Molokai Surf has been open for about 20 years and was also burglarized in its first year of business, according to Leonard.

Leonard said any information on the burglary would be helpful. Call the surf shop at 553-5093 with any information.


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