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Molokai Science Fair

Molokai Middle and High School students presented their work in science, technology, engineering and the environment last week at the island’s Science Fair. Winners from both divisions will be representing Molokai at the 55th Annual Maui District Science and Engineering Fair in February.

Molokai High School had 14 students participated in the local judging process. MHS winners going to the county competition are: Sarah Jenkins, grade 11 with “Hot Biology- Hawaiian Coot;” Lily Jenkins, grade 9, “Effects of non-native lettuce on removal in land at Puko`o Road;” Shellamarie Keahi and Kilo Ka`awa Gonzales, grade 12, “Bioremediation using Vetiver Grass;” Cendall Manley, grade 9, “Lending a helping hand;” Kea`aokahonua Davis, grade 10, “The Keirsey Temperaments: Type  Distribution of Teachers;” Giesha Nunez, grade 10, “Innocence to Adolescences: Drug Impulse Growth;” Erik Svetin, grade 9, “The Effect of an Additional Stitch on a Baseball’s Movement;” Dathan Decker-Lee Bicoy, grade 9, “Soak up the Sun;” Sabrina Curtis, grade 10, “Rooting For a Cleaner Environment: Vetiver Grass vs. Lemongrass;” Edel Mae Alvarez, grade 11, “Okra vs Aloe Vera;” Caulin Angelsea-Nelson, grade 12 and Luke Kikukawa, grade 11, “Photosynthetic Pigments.”

Middle School results could not be obtained in time to print. Stay tuned for an update in the New Year!

Mahalo to Malia Lee and Kimberly Svetin for providing this information.


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