Molokai’s Newest Attraction

By Maria Watanabe

“Why don’t you do this during the week?” is often asked at the Saturday market and craft fair. Well now, thanks to Maria Watanabe, owner of Imports Gift Shop, a new daily market place has opened up at the side and rear of her shop.

A walk down the inviting laneway between Imports Gift Shop and Friendly Market leads shoppers past vendors selling an array of jewelry, clothing, art and paintings plus many other items.

Inside the market place is a shady area where you can sit and enjoy a coffee, ice cold soda or ice cream in front of “the warehouse” which features tropical furnishings and an art gallery featuring the works of many of Molokai’s top artists.

The market place will be open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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  1. lee4luck says:

    I have been doing crafts for 26 years. Its time to size down. I have had the spiritual pleasure of coming to Molokai for two weeks every year since 1981. I have all kinds of floral, ribbons, fabric, items of this source…some wedding stuff. Let me know what is needed. I will start going thru my stuff. I have alot of silk flowers/ christmas stuff. If their is anyone that is creative I would love to give them workable items. email me @ Leoti4luck@gmail.com

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