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Molokai Resident New Crop Assc. President

HCIA News Release

Recent Molokai resident Kirby Kester is the new president of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association (HCIA), as well as Dow AgroSciences’ Hawaii R&D Leader.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the seed industry on Kauai, Kester now resides on Molokai and serves as site Leader for Dow AgroSciences’ R&D Station on Molokai, as well as provides oversight for Kauai’s Seeds and Traits R&D program.

Kirby holds a M.S. of Agriculture degree from Iowa State University and a B.S. in Agronomy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  He has been a member of HCIA since 1995, and will serve a two-year term as president.

“We know our industry is under siege,” Kester said.  “We are already working hard to tell the story of Hawaii’s seed industry and we intend to do this even more over the coming months. We’re going to spend more time showing people why they have nothing to fear from modern agriculture and the tools created with biotechnology.”

Kester was installed as HCIA president at the association’s recent annual meeting.

Bennette Misalucha was also introduced as HCIA’s new executive director.  Misalucha has an extensive 17-year background in banking and finance and sits on a number of local non-profit boards.  Shepreviously served as regional director for government and community affairs at Actus Lend Lease, and spent time as a local television news reporter and producer with KHON Channel 2 News.

“We’re thrilled to have found someone with Bennette’s vast experience to take over the executive director position at HCIA,” Kester said.  “Bennette brings the type of business-savvy expertise we were looking for, as well as a history of success engaging and educating stakeholders on the issues.  I look forward to working with her as HCIA moves forward.”


2 Responses to “Molokai Resident New Crop Assc. President”

  1. Lee Jane says:

    You mean “to rewrite your story.” Let Kauai people tell us who you really are.

  2. Lee Jane says:

    What will it take for Molokai to understand that this fight with GMO is not about life, its about death by chemical poisoning. If its your job that takes priority over the health and well being of our children, then get on the side of Satan. God gave you a good brain, to think out things by yourself. Use it! We can support these huge corporate farming companies if they only stop using these chemicals, which is their main money maker. This fight is not about you, the workers, its about corporate takeovers whose first priority is the millions they take home. What you get as pay is slim pickin’s compared to what goes out from this island. If you remember the pine companies that pulled out of Molokai, to establish their companies in poor countries that accepted as much as 25 cents an hour. Your response? Well, at least you getting paid something?

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