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Molokai Ranch Shutting Down

Molokai Ranch to Layoff 120 Employees 

Molokai Properties Limited is to shutdown its operations on Molokai at the end of March.

The Company will lay-off more than 120 staff on the island over the following 60 days.

Company CEO Peter Nicholas said that staff had been advised of the company’s position at employee meetings on Molokai and in Honolulu today.

He said that MPL (better known as Molokai Ranch) intends to “mothball” the company’s assets on its 60,000+ acre property on Molokai.

“The decision is purely a business one,” said Mr. Nicholas.

“For the past five years MPL has been working with Molokai community leaders and community members on developing and implementing a Master Plan for MPL’s property and the future of Molokai.

“Unacceptable delays caused by continued opposition to every aspect of the Master Plan means we are unable to fund continued normal company operations,” he said.

Operations to be shut will be the Molokai Lodge, the Kaupoa Beach Village, the Kaluakoi Golf Course, the Maunaloa gas station, the Maunaloa Tri-Flex theatre, cattle-rearing, and the company’s substantial maintenance

As well as shutting these operations, MPL will close all access to its property indefinitely, said Mr. Nicholas. “We deeply regret to have taken this step as the main impact will be on our loyal employees,” he said.

“This will also be a bitter blow to Plan supporters, whose main interests in supporting the Master Plan have been a sustained economic future for Molokai.

“However, as we have mentioned on many occasions, without the prospect of an economic future for the company that results from the implementation of all facets of the Master Plan, we are unable to continue to bear large losses from continuing these operations,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer
Peter Nicholas


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