Molokai Ranch (MPL) Withdraws La`au Point EIS

Solatario has worked at the Ranch for 27 years and has recently been adamant about his disapproval of MPL’s mistreatment of employees.

“I am not for the plan. I am not for La`au,” Solatario said. “If I don’t have a job tomorrow it is because I am honest. Only honest people they let go.”

Solatario’s defiant presentation brought tears to the eyes of many including several commissioners. Upon his exit, several hundred people in the room stood and applauded.

Withdrawal or Rejection

“The environmental laws are very precise, and they (MPL) chose the options they thought were best for the community and themselves,” Judge said. But at the end of the day, the lack of a thorough EIS proved too much for MPL.

 “I think the EIS was withdrawn because they (MPL) felt it was going to be rejected,” Maui County Planning Director Jeffrey Hunt said.

LUC Executive Officer Anthony Ching said the OEQC will decide MPL’s next step. According to Ching the expected outcome will be for MPL to start the process over again by filing a new Draft EIS.

While MPL faces the task of recreating its EIS for the La`au Point development, it could be forced to concurrently author a separate EIS for water use.

A recent opinion by state Deputy Attorney General Myra Kaichi mandates MPL provide an environmental assessment in order to continue renting use of the state owned Molokai Irrigation System.

Although details of Kaichi’s opinion are forthcoming, disappointed looks from MPL’s corner at the Friday hearing tell of a probable uphill climb for the company.


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