Molokai Ranch Introduces Beef


Photo by Laura Pilz.

Friends, family and employees of Molokai Ranch celebrated a milestone for ranching operations and the island of Molokai last Saturday evening.  The business officially launched their 100 percent grass-fed, hormone free, Angus beef with a buffet highlighting the meat in a multitude of dishes

“This evening is really for the employees,” said Molokai Ranch Operations Manager Dathan Bicoy. “They worked hard and put in a lot of hours, especially the cowboys. The company really appreciates the effort put in by everyone, every day, to make this happen.”

With more than 1000 cattle grazing on 30,000 acres of pasture, the company has started accepting orders for grass-fed beef, available on Molokai and Oahu in September.

Visit for more information or to place orders.


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  1. aina first says:

    If the ranch really cared about the Aina the proof would be in their actions, before increasing the number of cows they would have spent some time and money doing some soil and water conservation, stopping the erosion that is killing the reef. It’s still about worldwide corporations coming to the island and taking her resources away…. They use the well know control tactic “If you take away jobs, money, and food the people will surrender without a fight”. The ranch is testing the resolve of the people of Molokai… starting with bribery

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