Molokai Ranch and Department of Agriculture Sit at Bargaining Table

The Molokai Irrigation System Water Users Advisory Board met on Wednesday, Dec 20 in the MIS conference room. Randolph Teruya, who runs the MIS system foe the Department of Agriculture (DOA) gave his report on the progress of the negotiations for the pipeline use agreement between Molokai Ranch and DOA.

Details are being worked out for Molokai Ranch to clean the MIS reservoir in place of paying a $42,000 dollar increase in fees. Homesteaders, for whom the resovoir was built, were notably upset that Molokai Ranch could receive special treatment for payment of fees. The homesteaders remarked that their water is normally shut off if their fees go unpaid.

Chairman Adolph Helm will be asking DOA and DHHL representatives to come to Molokai to hear the concerns of Homesteaders in the near future.

Counterclockwise from front center: Chairman Adolph Helm, Randy Teruya (DOA), Byron Alcos – MIS system operator, James Boswell – MIS board member, John Sabas – Molokai Ranch, Martin Kahae -homesteader, Kammie Purdy – homesteader, Glenn Teves – homesteader, and Moki Kim – homesteader.


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