The Molokai Plan

What is the plan Molokai? Our beautiful island is being deserted by our best and brightest. No jobs, no prospect for new jobs, high electrical costs, shocking prices for gasoline, our milk cost three times more than on the mainland and on and on we go. Every time someone comes to the Island with an idea – bang, bang it’s dead on arrival. We say a lot of no’s here.
Can we start saying yes to something? How about we figure out a way to make Molokai better the way we want it. Let’s not wait for the outsiders to force their plan onto us. We know what a treasure Molokai is and what we want to preserve.
We want to preserve the culture of Hawaii.  We want to preserve our truly historical sites. We want to preserve our reef system, we want to preserve clean air, and we want to preserve our Molokai lifestyle….slowdown.
I think that we want to find a way to tap into the natural resources that we have: wind, sun, land and brains, to make us a self-reliant island. We could be an ecological wonder. 100 percent of our energy needs could be harnessed from the sun and wind. We create our energy here, we use it here and if we got some left over we will talk about it. Maybe if we had lower energy costs we could attract good paying jobs, the kind of jobs we want here.
To get this done we have got to come together and make our own plan. Not the Ranch plan or the Big Wind plan.  We want the Molokai Plan.  The Molokai plan also means that we all have to think as a team. If all of us give a little, then perhaps Molokai can gain a lot. Please think about the Molokai Plan. What would you want in it?

Rick Rice


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