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Molokai Pet Peace of Mind

Community Contributed

By Erin Lite

Hello, my name is Erin Lite. I am completing my senior project about providing quality care for cats and dogs on Molokai.

Did you know that making time to play with your cats every day builds their trust in you? And did you know that if your dog sleeps close to you, he won’t feel as lonely or isolated? In fact, pet experts say that most pets need to be with people as often as possible.

Here are some ways that Molokai pet owners can make their pets happier and provide quality care for them.

o Cats need: fresh food and water daily, love and attention, a clean litter box, a place to sleep in a sheltered area, a visit to the vet when sick, and spay/neutering unless you are planning to provide quality care for kittens.
o Additional cat care: vaccinations, deworming, yearly check-ups, and grooming if cats have long hair or regularly are dirty.
o Dogs need: fresh food about twice a day, clean water at all times, love and attention, a sheltered place to sleep, regular weekly exercise and grooming, monthly baths, frequent playtimes, and spay/neutering unless you are planning to provide quality care for puppies.
o Additional dog care: vaccinations, deworming, yearly check-ups, a place to sleep near people, and obedience training.

These recommendations may not be appropriate for everyone around the world, but I do recommend them for Molokai residents because I believe they are doable and affordable. So let’s all make a resolve to take better care of and spend more time with our pets. By providing quality care to the animals of Molokai, Molokai will be a much more animal-friendly island. Furthermore, when we give our pets quality care, we will be rewarded with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are truly doing all we can for our pets.