Molokai: Perfect Model for the World

With the Blue Planet Foundation’s gift to Molokai of 36,000 CFL light bulbs which reduces our use of electricity – big time, as well as pollution, emissions, and fuel use – the idea of making Molokai a clean energy model for the world to copy has already started. The CFL bulbs are the perfect starting point for making Molokai less dependent on imported fuel. Everyone that received the bulbs should see a large reduction in their electric bills, as well as less generated heat in their houses. Beyond unplugging electronics when not in use, and turning off lights when not needed, the next step to saving our island would be installing solar panels for hot water and electricity, plus using wind turbines (not windmills) to generate electricity. With the skills several residents are good at – building boats, surf boards – wind turbines can be built right here on Molokai. Small home style electric turbines that would work on Molokai and would create electricity and jobs. Several small wind turbines powering Molokai would make our island more of a model of energy independence and reduce our need for imported fuel. Think about building electric turbines here and creating industry – jobs and being proud of what we are doing to help our own island and future generations. Thanks to the Blue Planet Foundation, Molokai Dispatch, and all the others that made this wonderful thing happen.                                   

Aloha, let’s think about solutions for Molokai,

Frank Leary               


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