Molokai Paddles at Long Distance Race

Waakapaemua Team BomskiIMG_5048

Photo courtesy of Wa`akapaemua Canoe Club.

The open women’s crew of Wa`akapaemua Canoe Club raced on Hawaii Island last weekend at the 2015 Queen Lili`uokalani Long Distance Canoe Races. The races are organized and hosted by the Kai ‘Opua Canoe Club, a member of Hawaii Island’s Moku O Hawaii Outrigger Canoe Racing Association. The race was held Sept. 3-6.

Wa`akapaemua women had a time of 2:16:50, putting them in eighth place overall and first place in the nine open division. The team is coached by Keola Kino. Crew members were Lehua Greenwell, Teave Heen, Sydney Kalipi, Jodie Diener, Bobbi-lee Morris, Sybil Lopez, Emili Janchevis, Liliana Napolean and Kaala Wright.

Crew members said they had a great line set by their escort drivers and all paddlers pushed hard from start to finish. It was a very exciting race!

The Wa`akapaemua men did well also, with a seventh place overall finish and fourth place in their iron glass division with a time of 2:11:38. The men’s coach and steerman is Bozo Dudoit. Paddlers are Kamoana Spencer, John Russell Phifer, Clancie Wright, Troy Heen and Kamakou Mariano.

Although this is the last race of the season for the women’s team, a few girls will move on and paddle the Pailolo Challenge and Na Wahine o Ke Kai Ka`iwi Channel races with other teams in Hawaii.


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