Molokai Paddlers Place in Channel Race

Last Saturday, the Maui Canoe and Kayak Club hosted the Maui to Molokai (M2M) race, for both solo and relay paddle divisions. Over 200 contestants took to the water, from Flemings Beach Park to Kaunakakai Wharf – with a good showing of Molokai participants.

“These are our stomping grounds,” Clint Labrador said of the course, adding that good wind and downwind swells urged them along.

Labrador, Chad Lima and Carlton Helm led the pack for Molokai – Helm and Lima came in eighth and ninth, respectively, in the men age 30-39 division. Labrador said he was proud to come in 29th in the 18-29 division.

Molokai’s Solo Results:
Asa Ward, 41st in the men age 18-29; Adolph Helm, 47th in the men 50-59; Greg “Doc” Davis, 105th in the men 60+

Molokai’s Relay Results:
Ron and Camie Kimball, Jerome and Choppie Kalama, 34th in the coed relay; Keola Kino and Kawika Crivello, 49th in mens’ relay; David Gilliland and Bozo Dudoit, 62nd in mens’ relay; Susan Bowen and Lisa Foster, Desiree Puhi and Vicki Underwood, 152nd in womens’ relay.

Relay paddlers can compete again this weekend for PA`A (Paddling Athlete’s Association)’s Ka`iwi Channel race on Sunday, May 1.


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