Molokai Paddlers Get Golds at World Sprints

Photo by Alicia Lin Kee.

By Catherine Cluett Pactol | Editor

Molokai’s Penny Martin and Camie Kimball won three gold medals with their team last month at the International Va’a Federation’s Va’a World Sprints held in the United Kingdom near London. The two paddled with the Island Masters crew, a group of women from around Hawaii, in the Womens 70 division. They earned first place in the 500 meter straight race, the 500 meter with one turn and the double hull events. 

In the 500 straight race, they won by just a fraction of a second. 

“It was a butt clencher,” Martin laughed. “We thought we lost but we got in and found out we won. Canada was celebrating, we had been duking it out with them. It was super close…. One of those races you go, ‘Oooo!’”

Molokai’s Torrey Goodman, racing with the Island Masters 60s crew, placed sixth in their 500 meter race. 


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