Molokai Oceanside Retreat

During their down time, visitors can rest in the shaded lawns or sit beneath the ancient Banyan tree on the ocean’s edge. Lum also hopes that visitors from off island are positively affected by the culture of Molokai. Since he moved to the island four years ago, Lum says he has learned to just be himself, and he trusts that others can learn the same here on Molokai.

The simple beauty found on Molokai is the inspiration behind the transformation of the Molokai Oceanside Retreat.

“We want to transform this place physically, as well as spiritually and we have done that by transforming its purpose,” said Kyle Lum, director of the retreat center. Molokai Oceanside Retreat desires to provide a haven of simplicity, excellence and a culture of serving to both visitors and residents of Molokai.

The retreat center’s Web site states that the experience visitors have during their time here is completely dependent on their attitude and intention before their arrival. “If you expect pampering, satin sheets and four star cuisine, you’d probably be better off at a hotel, or even on another island.”


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