Molokai Mini-Mart is Great, Even Late

Kaunakakai’s newest store wants to make sure you get what you need all the way until 11 p.m.

Curious first-time customers filled the mini-mart on opening day for free goodies and to see what the new store on the block has to offer.

By Andres Madueno

There are not many options for those on Molokai who have empty cupboards and late-night munchies. But on July 19, the new Molokai min-mart on Mohala St. in downtown Kaunakakai made history being the first store to stay open until 11 p.m.

“We wanted to have a place where locals and tourists alike could come to if they needed to do some quick shopping,” says Adelina Greenman, co-owner and manager.

Opening day at the new min-mart was eventful, to say the least. Nachos, hotdogs, and sodas were given out for everyone who came into the store that morning, compliments of the mini-mart. But aside from the free goodies for the grand opening, the mini-mart definitely has a lot to offer.

The store has a generous amount of items that are organic or all natural. But if you get a craving for chips, candy, or soda, they have those in supplies as well. They also have essentials like milk, butter, cereal, rice, noodles, rice noodles, and, oh yes, let’s not forget the spam.

But they also have some things that the other stores do not.

The first big one is that they will be staying open until 11 p.m. every night, which is great for anyone who is getting in on a late flight or catching the last ferry home. Also, they are the only store on the island that sells liquor at night. They have beer, wine, and spirits available. And, yes, the beer is cold.

Also available is the use of the Internet, fax machine, and copy machine. They have two computers set up with Internet that cost 10 cents per minute. And the faxes are one dollar for the first page and 50 cents for every page after. The copies are not yet priced, but will likely be as reasonable as everything else.

It’s nice to know there is a place to go in town if your computer goes haywire and you really need to send an email or really need to check out the score of the game you missed last night.

“We just want to provide the community with a convenient store that’s open late where they know they can get what they need, even late,” says Adelina.

With Adelina on opening day were her husband, Kirk, and their children. Although Kirk was too busy to comment, he looked happy as he helped the steady stream of people in the store purchase their first but not last items from the Molokai mini-mart.

Family-owned and family-run, this store has a bright future. Not only do you get good items at a good price, but you also get the best thing of all: service with a smile.


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