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Molokai Middle School Cares about Health & Wellness

Molokai Middle Schools Caring about Health & Wellness

Molokai Middle School has said farewell to the class of 2014 as they continue on their educational journey on to High School, with some remaining here on island and others continuing their young lives and education on a different island.  On that same note we will welcome back the class of 2015 as 8th graders and open our doors to our upcoming 6th graders as 7th graders from our on-island elementary schools.

This last quarter, our students faced many challenges and time constraints with a many deadlines to meet.  In spite of it all, our students still took the time to do a service that would benefit the recipients of a non-profit organization. 

During the last half of 4th quarter our 7th grade Life Science class led by Mrs. Jennifer Ainoa based her curriculum on Health & Wellness.  During this time, the students worked on different projects in groups or individually learning and researching on healthy body, healthy mind, healthy environment.  At the conclusion of this section with all the information gathered; the students would then tie in their knowledge with technology to make computerized graphs and data tables–and finally with help emailing their assignment to the teacher.

With the great help and collaboration of “Mr. Cardiovascular” Uncle Bojo Morris and Moloka’is own “Mr. Strong Man” Uncle Peter Pale and Na Pu’u Wai (Big Mahalo’s to you folks); our students were able to be educated on the importance of “Knowing your Heart” and “Taking Care of Your Body”.  With different forms of exercises to keep the body stimulated and hopefully motivated to different power point activities which showed a healthy heart and vice versa, along with prevention and/or intervention towards an unhealthy lifestyle.  With that, Uncle Bojo and Uncle Peter invited and challenged our 7th graders and their families and friends to the Na Pu’u Wai Health Fair which took place on May 15, 2010.  The important advice to the 7th grade science classes, were in order to stay healthy (healthy mind, healthy body, healthy environment), watch what and how much we eat or drink and do some type of daily exercise.  This year we also had the privilege to work with The American Heart Association here in the State of Hawaii and did a collection for “Hoops for Heart” which is in conjunction with “Jump Rope for Heart” that is an annual event at our island elementary schools.  In lieu of the many class projects from other core and elective classes that were due, our students went out into our community to collect donations for the American Heart Association.  Monies collected will be used towards patients’ young and/or old who need medical assistance for any type of cardiovascular disease as well as research on the prevention and possible intervention of different types of heart disease.  Despite being the first year Molokai Middle School 7th graders being  participants in this event, our students’ collected a total of $148.00; and was also given a class assignment to educate 5 adults on the signs and risks of stroke and heart attack. 

We wanted to recognize and greatly THANK Ka’ohu Paleka and Kekoa Escobar for your compassion and your kokua with this collection.  There will be prizes that will be awarded to these students at a later time.  Next year we are planning once again to participate in this activity, with great hopes that Molokai also will be involved with their Health & Wellness.  Mahalo to all for your donations and take care…..Farewell till next year.


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