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Molokai Metals Facility Collection Event

County of Maui News Release

The last metals collection event was successful in numbers, and the County of Maui will continue to hold collection events for metal recycling on Molokai, at the Naiwa Landfill.

Bring in your vehicles, motorcycles, appliances, vehicle tires and batteries, propane tanks, and miscellaneous metal items such as roofing, gutters, tubs, sinks, faucets, pipes, metal furniture, bicycles, mowers, engine parts, tools, fencing and ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

Stop at the landfill scale house before proceeding to the Molokai Metals Facility (MMF). No charge for residential materials.

A vehicle acceptance form must be submitted at the MMF with each vehicle. Vehicle owners must also compete and file a statement of junking form with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Licensing (DMVL).

Vehicle acceptance forms are available at the MMF; statement of junking form is available at the DMVL office; both forms are also available online at mauicounty.gov/solidwaste.

During the last collection period, we received more than 1.4 million pounds (700 tons) of metals materials in four weeks, including more than 300 vehicles and 1,200 appliances, nearly 2.000 tires, 400 batteries and more than 130 tons of scrap metals! Mahalo to the community of Molokai.

The community work day program, in partnership with Molokai residents and the county, will provide assistance during the collection period. Call 877-2524 to request assistance, including junk vehicles from a home. Next collection event will be summer 2011.

For more information, call 658-9029 or visits mauicounty.gov/solidwaste. The event is operated by the contractor, Kitagawa’s Towing and Metals Recycling.


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