Molokai Marksmen Compete on Maui

Charles Kamai-Cacpal and Melody Kaili-Kalua at the MIL Championships at Maui HS. Photo courtesy of Brad Sherman of Maui News

The Molokai High School Boys and Girls Air Riflery team competed in the Maui Interscholastic League Championships last Saturday at Maui High School in Kahului, Maui.

Head Coach Chinky Hubbard had four girls and one boy shooting at this year’s championships. Unfortunately, none of the Molokai marksmen qualified for states this year but they represented Molokai High School well.

The Girls team placed 6th, and Molokai had scores of 683-423-591 for a total of 1,697.

Campbell Kaalekahi tied for 28th with scores of 175-106-153 and a total of 434. Maria Angst tied for 33rd with scores of 160-119-149 and a total of 428.

Melody Kaili-Kalua tied for 36th with scores of 171-116-139 and a total of 426. Daisha Kahoalii-Kalilikane finished in 42nd with scores of  177-82-150 for a total of 409.

The Boys team placed 7th with scores of 159-110-122 and a total of 391.  Charles Kamai-Cacpal finished 32nd with scores of 159-110-122 and a total of 391.

The 2017 Civilian Marksmanship Program Air Riflery Championships will be held Tuesday, Oct. 24 at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall on Oahu.


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