Molokai Kids Are Saving Lives


Photo by Diane Abraham

By Diane Abraham

This past February, a group of sixth graders at Kualapu`u School were selected to participate in Unicef’s Kid Power mission. We were outfitted with “kid power bands,” a kid’s version of a Fitbit, and as the teacher/coach, I was given a special tablet to sync the bands and keep track of fitness points.

The idea is to “get active and save lives:” Unicef, as the humanitarian component, pairs with Target and Star Wars corporations, to provide special high-protein food packets to children suffering with severe acute malnutrition based on the number of steps the children take. These students are excited about saving lives, and are in a competition with classes across the country that runs through the end of May. We’re the only classroom in Hawaii participating! Currently, we’re ranked in 105th place out of 6,420 and have walked enough steps to provide 293 food packets!

Just this weekend, I received the following from Unicef Kid Power in response to the famine in South Sudan: “Ten thousand children in South Sudan will have a healthier future because your students unlocked their inner heroes and chose to get active. Your students are showing the world that everyday actions can make a difference!”

So, if you see kids in town, you know them, or if they are your child, let them know how proud you are of their philanthropic endeavors. They are making a difference! Encourage them to keep those Fitbits on, because that’s all it takes to save a life and put their inner heroes into action.


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