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Molokai Is…Week 1 — Voting Over

Win $50 to the Kualapu’u Cookhouse

UPDATE — Last week, we asked you to define Molokai in your own words. Surprisingly there were as many entries from off-island as there were locally. So who won this week’s competition? It’s up to you. Vote for your favorite response in the comments below. Vote now for Ko`i, Donald, Derek or Marvalee. The winner will be announced in next week’s paper. Voting ends Fridays at midnight.

Marvalee Leilani Wright Lin Kee, Maui
Moloka’i is….home
Home is where your heart can rest,
And feel the peaceful love….
Home is where Ohana gather,
to praise the Lord above….
Home is where we lay our head,
And feel the love surround….,
Home is Moloka’i,
Its equal not yet found….

Want to share your ideas about what Molokai means to you and potentially win $50 to the Kualapu`u Cookhouse? The contest continues… One winner per week selected by Molokai Dispatch readers. Each submission must include the full name, phone number, and photo of the contestant. Kids, ask your parents or teachers for permission. The Molokai Dispatch reserves the right to edit and print all submissions. Submit entries via email (Editor@TheMolokaiDispatch.com), in person at our Kaunakakai office (Moore building suite 5 – we can take your photo), or by snail mail (PO Box 482219, Kaunakakai, HI 96748). Mmm, mmm – thanks Kualapu`u Cookhouse!


23 Responses to “Molokai Is…Week 1 — Voting Over”

  1. Puaena says:

    At the tender age of 10, this young lady already has learned to appreciate the beauty and significance of her native island. Although the other entrants share beautiful memories or insight of the Friendly Isle, Koi’s simple words indicate her understanding that her island is a gift that provides for it’s people. Not many children appreciate what they have nowadays.

  2. mauiguava says:

    The message I got from her poem was that she was also speaking for the people of Moloka’i – IT IS HOME. What a fantastic piece of poetry…genuine, from the heart. A unique way of expressing her view…original and difficult.

  3. KAHOKU says:

    Everytime I go to Molokai I feel at home because that is where most of my family is. Marva explains exactly the way I feel when I go there…its exactly the way it was when I used to visit there…and thats a good thing we can no longer find or keep the way Hawaii used to be and Molokai fights for it to stay the same.
    Still no traffic light…lol!!

  4. MikeRhode says:

    My vote is for Marvelee!

  5. jespaniola says:

    I vote for Marvalee too! This is where I rest my head, God’s country! She’s so pretty too, and her husband, very goorooking.

  6. babeejae808 says:

    My vote goes to Marvalee. Her poem is beautiful and expresses how home should really be. Beautiful couple too!!!

  7. karenlinkee says:

    Marva! Marva! Marva! Marva!

  8. leialoha1 says:

    I vote for Ko’i!!! All the way…. KAMA O HINA!

  9. mauipheasant says:

    Marvalee’s poetic style of “Moloka`i is….Home”
    beautifully describes the Island of Moloka`i’s
    connection to Peace, Love, Joy & especially Family!
    Her poem well represents the sentiments of residents
    & visitors alike!!!

  10. kuupuakuulei says:

    I vote for Miss. Ko’i’ula Davis!!!!!!!!

  11. keoni says:

    Miss Ko’i’ula Davis! Miss Ko’i’ula Davis! Miss Ko’i’ula Davis! Miss Ko’i’ula Davis! Miss Ko’i’ula Davis! Miss Ko’i’ula Davis!

  12. Kealoha says:

    I vote for Koiula Davis!

  13. KU says:

    I vote for Koiula Davis!! #1

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