Molokai the Island

Put your dreams and your soul in the sky – come to this place called Molokai.  “Gathering of the ocean waters” is the meaning of the name; once you see it, you will never be the same.  The place they say where the hula began, telling stories with the movements and the lovely hula hands.  At the east end is the rising of the sun, the beginning of the day and endless hours of fun. Drive west on the lonely curving road, through the dense jungle fresh and green, one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen. See the ancient fish ponds that are centuries old, by themselves alone a story to be told. Don’t forget the world’s highest sea cliffs across the land; when you behold the beauty, you will know they were fashioned by the Creator’s hand. On to the quaint old town of Kaunakakai, in the center of the island it does lie. Not one building higher than one story tall and only three stop signs that is all. The Hansen’s disease colony peninsula of Kalaupapa is something to behold, a history for endless generations that will never grow old. At the point by Mo`omomi Beach is the legend of the lady, hundreds of years ago the locals thought was crazy. With a vision from a dream and the wave of hand, she predicted haole men wearing shoes are coming, to take the land. On the west end where the island is no more, is the most magnificent Papohaku Beach with three miles of pristine sandy shore.  Watch the spectacular sunset below the sea in the western sky, from the most Hawaiian Island called…Molokai.
Jerome E. Finn
Oconto, WI


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