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Molokai Island Energy Project Update

Princeton Energy News Release

Aloha! Princeton Energy Group and Half Moon Ventures want to express our gratitude to the Molokai community for welcoming us once again with great hospitality and warmth this past May. It was wonderful to visit with old friends, as well as develop new relationships on the island, as we continue to work together as partners on the Molokai Island Energy Project (formerly known as Ikehu Molokai). We held extensive community meetings throughout the island and received valuable feedback from residents. We continue to believe that the Molokai Island Energy Project will be accomplished by a long-term collaboration between community groups, residents, and the planning team.

As you know, the vision for the Molokai Island Energy Project embraces community values for a healthy, sustainable, and energy independent island. Phase one has been proposed to utilize photovoltaic energy coupled with battery storage, and will be built on vacant industrial land adjacent to the Maui Electric power plant. The project has been designed to be safe and quiet, and aims to reduce electric rates, stabilize the grid, make rooftop solar systems more viable, and create jobs. Electricity will be produced for Molokai only. Later phases will enable the community to consider the addition of electric vehicle charging stations, smart grid devices, and other energy efficiency measures to lower electric bills for the residents.

Over the summer we have been working with our team of engineers, as well as with Maui Electric on the technical aspects of the project. Our hope is to return to Molokai later in the fall to present a more comprehensive update to the Molokai community and to get community feedback on our progress. We intend to organize community meetings throughout the island and are always available to meet with small groups and individuals. Meeting schedules will be posted in The Molokai Dispatch, as well as throughout the island.

For a more detailed update, questions or comments, please contact Andrea Taber at ataber@princetonenergy.net. Mahalo and we look forward to seeing you later this fall!


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