Molokai Hunters to Protest Nature Conservancy at Honolulu Gun Show

The Molokai Hunters Association will be protesting the Nature Conservancy (N/C) on Sat. Sept. 1st, starting at 9:30am. The protest will be at the Neal Blasdell Center during the Hawaii Historic Arms Association GREAT GUNS Gun Show. 

The Molokai Hunters Association (MHA) is trying to avoid a dangerous confrontation with the private New Zealand Pro Hunt group, which N/C has hired to manage the wild life on Molokai. N/C and Pro Hunt will implement a new management plan of our forest with no community participation and input. Instead N/C has conducted numerous secret meetings. 

MHA has made numerous requests for posted PUBLIC meetings in order to make appropriate input on the impacts this new program will have on our economy and native Hawaiian Gathering Rights. As the secretary of MHA, I have personally talked with executive director Susan Case (5212302), board chairman David Cole, who have refused to have PUBLIC MEETINGS. I have also talked to board members Peter Baldwin, Jim Haynes and Sam Cooke who all support community participation and input. 

N/C has insulted our hunters by bringing in outside hunters to manage our wildlife, which is an important part of our economy. 

N/C has ignored our state constitution and HRS laws, which protect Native Hawaiian Gathering Rights. Hawaiians have not had a chance to comment on the impacts this new program will have on their economy. 

Nature Conservancy’s dictatorship style has made them a threat to Molokai, and have forced us to do this protest. The solution is to have public meetings to take input and concerns from the people of Molokai.  

Walter Ritte Sec. MHA.  Phone: 1-808 558-0111 cell, 336-0510 e-mail: rittew@hotmail.com


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