Molokai Humane Society First Quarter Report

Molokai Humane Society News Release

The Molokai Humane Society (MoHS) started its fiscal year (FY) on July 1 and it is divided into four quarters. On Sept. 30 we ended our first quarter of FY2012. We have had many achievements during our first quarter and have made a positive difference for many animals.

In July we hired a bookkeeper and began utilizing new financial policies and procedures that will allow us to maintain quality records. These records will allow us to apply for additional grant funding as well as report accurately to our current funders. We will also be able to keep track of the services and items we provide to the community.

We had five visiting veterinarians in our first quarter: Dr. Brenda Smith, Dr. Leianne Lee Loy, Dr. Hollis Stewart, Dr. Eileen Naaman and Dr. Stewart Morgan. With these veterinarians we were able to provide licensed veterinary care to the animals of Molokai for 23 days. With our non-veterinarian staff we were open an additional 31 days educating the community and vaccinating animals.  During these 54 days we were able to treat 399 animals.

MoHS is focused on managing the animal population of Molokai by providing low-cost spays and neuters for dogs and cats on the island. For the first quarter we neutered 18 cats and six dogs and spayed 64 cats and 25 dogs, a total of 113 spays and neuters.

We know many people on- island need access to a low-cost veterinarian. Our visiting veterinarians provide affordable exams and elective surgeries for MoHS customers. We performed 14 elective surgeries this quarter, including an operation for a dog that would have cost over $2,500 on Oahu.  We also facilitated 69 exams.

In addition, we continue to offer flea and heartworm preventatives and have sold 110 and 36 preventatives respectively.  These medications continue to be available to customers of MoHS with a current prescription within the last calendar year.  Preventative tick collars are also available for $15 each and we have sold 33 in the first quarter.

One of our biggest victories was the hiring of MoHS’s first-ever staff veterinarian who will begin working the first week of November. This is a huge accomplishment for MoHS, as people have been working to secure an on-island vet for the past six years. Dr. Stewart Morgan came to MoHS in August and impressed us all with his knowledge and compassion for animals. We are thrilled to have him as part of our team to care for your animals.

Thank you to everyone who supported MoHS during our first quarter! Please remember that we now offer the third vaccine in your puppy or kitty series for FREE if all three shots are administered by MoHS within the required time frame. Puppies and kittens should receive their first vaccine at 8 weeks of age. Additionally, for the month of November all exams are only $25 (regularly $40), so please call for your appointment today at 558-0000.
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