Molokai Hospice Mahalo

Hospice Maui Molokai is so grateful for the many people who generously donated items and monetary gifts for our eighth annual Hospice Yard Sale.  Mahalo to the many people who shopped the sale and bought the treasured items.  Words are hard to express how appreciative we are for our Hospice Volunteers Dan, Ellen, Tim, Kathy, Ashley, Kahili, Ehulani and Didi who spent many hours sorting, pricing and displaying the many, many items.  Also, mahalo to Dr. Dan McGuire for the use of his parking lot for our sale.

The yard sale event was an idea to help those whose loved ones died and asked for ideas of what to do with their loved one’s treasured items.  Also, caregivers wanted to express their appreciation for the hospice service given to their loved ones and family.  The success of the yard sale encompassed the care and compassion for the treasured items donated by the families and many other donators.

Our present need is to have a place to collect donations and store them throughout the year to prepare, sort and price for the ninth annual Hospice Maui Yard Sale the first weekend in July 2024.  The space if donated for the use by Hospice Maui Molokai, it can be used for a tax write off.  Please contact Barbara Helm, 808-250-4001 if you have any space available.

Hospice Maui Molokai Team


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