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Molokai Holokai 2012

This year's first-place Men's finisher, Clint Labrador. Photo courtesy Leslie Hibner

Local paddlers young and old gathered along Molokai’s windy south shores last Saturday for the third annual Molokai Holokai standup paddleboard race, presented by Molokai Ohana Surf Club with Youth in Motion. The 8.5-mile downwind race, which usually draws in fierce competitors from other islands like Maui and Oahu, stayed relatively local this year, in large part because of a recent Molokai-Maui ferry rule that does not accommodate paddleboards.

Tabitha Pupuhi, first-place finisher for the Women’s division, paddles across the finish line. Photo courtesy Leslie Hibner.

Listed below are this year’s finishers:

1. Clint Labrador 1:11:13.9
2. Dickie Stone 1:16:05.3
3. Todd Yamashita 1:16:58.6
4.Carlos Kuhn 1:20:55.1
5. Tabitha Pupuhi 1:29:48.8
6. Boki Chung 1:32:04.6
7. Josie Mawae 1:34:32.8
8. Alex Mawae 1:36:01.1
9.David Lichtenstein 1:38:27.8
10. Kekai Adachi 1:39:39.8
11. David Dillberg (escorted kids) 1:39:46.5


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