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Molokai History Project

Following the passing of Dr. Aluli late last year, there was a groundswell of support to establish a place on Molokai to share our collective histories and cultural objects. Over the past few months, a group of 15 plus individuals have met to brainstorm ways to make this possible. Most recently, our group met with Pulama Lima, the executive director of Ka Ipu Makani Cultural Heritage Center, a local nonprofit already doing heritage preservation work on Molokai. As a curator, Lima emphasized the importance of keeping and preserving our history on island, and the need for these artifacts to be cared for as required by conservation standards. These discussions led to the inception of the Molokai History Project. 

In collaboration with Ka Ipu Makani, the Molokai History Project is a grassroots initiative where we are hoping to share and showcase the heritage and legacy of Molokai at the former “Planter Box” in Kaunakakai. As a community-led endeavor, we are seeking community assistance with this project. Specifically, we are looking for cultural or historical objects, photos, etc. that pertain to the history of Molokai to display and showcase as part of this project. Those items can either be donated or just “on loan.”  We are also seeking volunteers who may be interested in helping as a docent for two hour shifts. Lastly, we are seeking monetary donations to help cover important costs  for the project. 

Our goal is to have the exhibition ready for opening in September 2023. There is a lot of work to be done before that date, and any assistance you can share with us would be greatly appreciated! For more information about this project, or if you are willing to assist with this project, please email us at molokaihistoryproject@gmail.com.


The Molokai History Project Steering Committee


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