Molokai High School Back on Track

Uniforms and online courses discussed by school council.

By Catherine Cluett

The Molokai High School Community Council meeting revealed adaptations and additions that are changing school policies. Students are enrolling in online courses to supplement the curriculum, and uniforms may become a school requirement in the future. Principal Linda Puleloa, in her report, noted that the year had a “rough and shaky start” with a shortage of teachers, particularly in math and Japanese.

Two new math teachers have since been hired, although administrators were not able to find a Japanese teacher to fill the position. As a result, Japanese students have been enrolled in online courses allowing them to continue their studies. With Spanish students also learning online, students are being encouraged to pursue courses not offered at the school through online options.

School uniforms may also be in the cards for Molokai High, though no decision will be made until more information is available. Students, parents and staff will all be polled before any decision is made to establish a uniform code at the school. Currently, three other high schools in the state have instated uniforms. The dress code as it exists now at Molokai High School is enforced by faculty.

The recent change in the school schedule statewide was also noted. This schedule will shorten both the winter and spring breaks by a week, allowing students to end classes in May.

School complex officer Melanie Coates conducted a School Community Council training session, educating members in such topics as the purpose of the group and its ground rules, academic and financial planning, and student support.

The Molokai School Community Council is looking for more parent and community involvement in their meetings. Guests are also welcome to attend at any time and add input to meetings. The council also currently needs a community member. This member cannot be associated with the school as a teacher of staff member, and cannot be a parent of a student at the school. Call Molokai High School (808) 567-6950 for more information.


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