Molokai Gets $15M for Capital Improvements

Molokai is earmarked to receive about $15 million in state Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding. That’s part of $63 million for District 13, which includes East Maui, Molokai and Lanai, Rep. Lynn DeCoite announced last week. Molokai’s projects will include improvements to both the Ho`olehua and Kalaupapa airports, as well as Hawaiian Home Lands lot development and improvements to Kualapu`u School. Additionally, $50,000 was added to the state budget to assist Molokai’s student athletes with travel costs.

“This year we were dealing with a very tight budget,” said DeCoite. “I’m thankful that our district received some of the much needed funds to repair our schools, airports and roads. The money coming to Molokai will help our communities. This funding brings in resources that we’ve been waiting for.”

Molokai’s airport will receive $7,250,000 toward design and construction of improvements to terminal area. Improvements will include electrical and sewer replacement or upgrades, as well as the installation of new restrooms and other related improvements, according to DeCoite.

Kalaupapa’s tiny airport will also be getting much-needed upgrades, particularly related to safety resources. Construction of a new aircraft rescue and fire fighting garage will take place, and the $4,500,000 in earmarked funding for the project will also cover renovations of the terminal and replacement of airfield lighting and other related improvements.

The $230,000 in funding allocated for Kualapu`u School will cover plans, design and construction to replace the facility’s roof, as well as ground and site improvements and new equipment and appurtenances for the school, according to DeCoite.

In Ho`olehua, $3 million will go toward design and construction of road and infrastructure improvements and repairs on Hawaiian Homelands lots.

Separately, Molokai and Hana HIgh Schools will receive $100,000 — $50,000 each — in general funds from the state for their athletic travel budget.

“On top of the CIP funds, I am also very happy that $50,000 was put into the state budget as a line item to assist with travel for both Molokai High School and Hana High School Athletics,” said DeCoite. “I am working closely with the finance chair the Department of Education to make sure both schools receives these funds in a timely manner. I also truly believe that Molokai and Hana High receiving these funds helps athletics programs across the state, and gives all students more opportunities to compete and succeed.”


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