Molokai Fitness: Weighing Yourself

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By Ayda Ersoy

When was the last time you weighed yourself? Don’t be scared! It’s your own body; you need to know everything about it. Check your weight once a week – make sure it’s always at the same time of day (for example, always first thing in the morning), and wear the same clothes every time. Then write it down.

You need to keep track of your weight. If you need to lose some weight, then think about it this way: imagine you are holding a glass of water for five minutes. That’s no problem, right? Let’s say 10 minutes – now maybe your arm starts getting tired. How about one hour? Probably you already dropped the glass because your arm and shoulder were hurting so much.

Now imagine this extra weight on your own body. Maybe for three months, or six months, maybe for many years. How does your body feel, your joints, your heart? You’re carrying all that extra weight around with you all the time, and that’s hurting your body. When you start losing weight you will have so much more energy. You will feel lighter, younger, and much happier.

Make sure you do your workout every day! This will also help you think much more about what you’re eating, so your diet will improve too.

Your body is made for moving — be grateful and thankful for what you have, you have legs, you have arms. Focus on what you can do, don’t waste any energy on thinking about what you can’t do. Do your best every day, and always remember, just take it one day at a time. Go for a walk, and maybe while you’re walking you can move your arms. And keep smiling — life is awesome, you are awesome!

Keep moving, and keep motivating each other.

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