Molokai Fitness: Ready for Paddling Season?

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By Ayda Ersoy

Do you know how you can improve your endurance? Yes, you need to do cardio. But more than that – you need to work on your core, your lower back and especially you need to stretch your spine and improve your strength. If you’re a paddler already or want to get started, here are some ideas to get ready for the season. If not, these are also helpful suggestions for getting back in shape.

First you need a plan, and you need to write it down. Why? This will keep you motivated, and you’ll be able to see how you improve after each training. Without a plan, achieving your performance goals can be really hard. Also you’re risking burning out by trying too hard or injuring yourself. Especially if you didn’t train enough during the off-season it can be tough to get back in shape.

You need to have a training schedule to improve your endurance and flexibility. Get enough rest between your training so that you recover properly. Make sure you do your training in three parts: aerobic, anaerobic and strength training.

For your aerobic work, you can do four to 10 minutes stroke, then a two minute rest. Repeat this 8 to 10 times, depending on your goals. You can also run — try a 45 minute steady speed jog.

You can also try one to three minute stroke then 30 seconds rest, repeating six to eight times. Try running too: 10 minute jog to warm-up, and then do 45 seconds maximum speed followed by a minute and a half rest. Repeat this eight times. At the end, be sure to do a five minute slow jog to cool down.

For your strength work, try a 10 minute warmup followed by:

Elbow plank for one minute, then as many leg raises as you can. Repeat for three sets.

Side plank for 30 seconds each side. Repeat for three sets.

Move from the yoga poses downward dog to cobra pose 15 times.

Hip bridge for one minute. Repeat for two sets.

Then finish off with as many push-ups as you can. Repeat for two sets.

I hope this gives you some ideas that you can add to your training. Remember, if you have a plan and you write it down, you can achieve your goals twice as fast. Happy training, and have an awesome paddling season!


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