Molokai Fitness: Motivate Yourself

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By Ayda Ersoy

What is your motivation? What keeps you going and working towards your work, life, or health goals? What do you enjoy doing?

Your motivation comes from understanding the big “why” you are doing what you do. When you understand the reason why, you will get much more energized.

If you really want to achieve your goals, but you are lacking motivation, then take a moment and do this exercise. Close your eyes and just imagine that you have already reached your goal. Imagine how that feels. Imagine looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I did it!”

It’s an amazing feeling, correct? When you have a bad day, and you’re struggling to stay motivated, just remind yourself of that feeling.

When you think about your goals, always imagine that you have already achieved them. And don’t worry if sometimes you fail — we learn more from failure than from success, so don’t let it stop you. Just pick yourself up and try again. I totally believe that there is always a way, if we are just really committed and we don’t give up.

Keep pushing the limits and you will feel motivated yourself to achieve more, and you will inspire others too.

Choose your smile, choose your healthy food and you will have endless energy that you can share with your ohana!

See you at my next nutrition workshop; don’t forget, it’s next Tuesday, Oct. 7, 6 p.m. at Home Pumehana). Let’s do this!


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