Molokai Fitness: Breathing

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By Ayda Ersoy

Are you breathing? Or rather, do you realize you are breathing?

Just try this now: stand up, stretch for a second, then sit down. Do this right now, don’t continue reading until you have done it!

Now think, when you were standing up, did you hold your breath? How about when you were sitting down?

This week, before every meal close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just feel your in and out breath. You will feel relaxed. You will also be much more present.  Most of the time, you don’t realize how much food you are eating, maybe you don’t even realize what food you are eating! You’re often not focusing on what you eat, you’re eating while your mind is occupied with other things.

Whenever you feel stress or deep emotions, turn to your breathing. You will feel calm and peaceful. You don’t need to control your breathing, just feel the breath as it actually is.

When you become aware of your breathing before each meal, you will see that your food tastes different, your mood will change, and you will eat less.

Have you ever tried to eat a meal in total silence? Try it just one time, you will definitely eat less.

So this week, let’s be aware of our breathing. You don’t need to think how to do it, or how to remember. Start just for one day — do it just today. Maybe you’ll like it, and you’ll want to try tomorrow too. Don’t see it as a big challenge, just try one day at a time.

Let’s take a deep breath… Inhale peace, exhale love!

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