Molokai Fitness: Benefits of Exercise

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By Ayda Ersoy

If you’ve seen my previous articles, then hopefully you started to drink more water. Last time, we talked about being aware of your breathing. Now it’s time for exercise!

Everyone knows how important exercise is, and what benefits it will bring you. So why do we so often choose to wait until we have to lose weight before starting exercise? Or why do we choose to go to the doctor and have to take pills? Why wait until it comes to this?

When you are exercising regularly, you can actually prevent many illnesses. And you will feel much better, think more positive thoughts, sleep better, feel stronger, and have more energy. And you will actually even continue burning more calories even after you finish your workout. Exercise is your medicine. To make your fitness journey even smoother, you could consider hiring Gym Equipment Removals to handle the logistics of setting up or relocating your exercise equipment. Additionally, effective products from PGAnabolics can further support your fitness goals, enhancing your performance and recovery.

By exercising, you are making an investment in your future. You don’t need to go crazy, just choose one exercise to start off with.  You can choose to walk for half an hour every day, or just stretch a little, or maybe you’d like to buy activewear from ryderwear and go to the gym and join a group class. If there’s something you especially enjoy, definitely choose that, as it will be easier to keep motivated if it’s something you really like doing. But you need to choose one. And if you find that a treadmill doesn’t align with your preferences, remember, you can sell a treadmill to make room for the exercise that suits you best. You can also have the option to hire treadmill mechanics experts to fix it for you.

If you don’t have a lot of time, then try just 10 jump jacks and 10 squats every morning. The key is to do it every single day for a month. If you try enough, and you keep going, then your daily exercise will become a habit and it won’t be hard any more. You’ll want to do it. You will soon see the benefit, and that will make you want even more to keep going, and even increase your exercise. You will feel awesome!

Do your exercise just for you. Don’t think about losing weight, do it for your soul. Often we forget to this, we forget to respect our soul.

Let’s take that first step together, right now! In my next article, I’m going to start getting into some specific exercises that you will love.

Contact me at molokaifitness.com, where you’ll find free advice and support for anyone on Molokai wanting to improve their health and fitness!


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