Molokai Firefighter Honored as Lahaina Hero

Photo courtesy of Maui County Fire Department

At a ceremony on Jan. 12, Molokai’s Tanner Mosher was honored by the Maui County Council for “his exceptional heroism during the August 2023 Lahaina wildfires.” A social media post from the Maui County Fire Dept. explained that “Firefighter Mosher was the driving force behind the rescue of nine MFD personnel who were entrapped during the fire.”

In a November interview with 60 Minutes, Mosher explained the nightmarish situation that faced Engines 1 and 6 the night of Aug. 8.

With their trucks trapped by downed power lines, the firefighters were subjected to hellish heat and smoke.

“We could see metal melting in front of our eyes.” Mosher told 60 Minutes.

Sheltering in their trucks, the crews were relying on oxygen tanks.

“I just remember being like ‘I can’t give up yet.” Like, ‘I gotta do something,’” said Mosher.

Mosher could see a skeeter, or small fire truck, nearby. After a break for the skeeter, Mosher was able to jump the truck over a barricade of cars, eventually finding a police officer. The officer gave Mosher his SUV – which Mosher drove back into the smoke.

When he arrived, the situation had further deteriorated, with his fire captain rendered unconscious from smoke inhalation. The firefighters crammed into the SUV, eventually making it to safety, before returning to fighting the fire.

“He saved all of our lives,” Capt. Jay Fujita told 60 Minutes.

At the ceremony before the County Council, Mosher took a moment to acknowledge his friend and coworker Tre’ Evans-Dumaran, who lost his life while responding to flooding in January 2023.

“I don’t feel like I would have made the choices I made if it wasn’t for my friend and coworker Tre’ Evans-Dumaran,” said Mosher.


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