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Molokai Energy 2.0

Building on island efficiency

Blue Planet News Release

Building on the success of the “Go Green & Carbon Clean” project, where 36,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) replaced incandescents, Blue Planet plans to introduce a series of energy efficiency programs that will maintain momentum for the island of Molokai to achieve energy independence in the years to come.

The Molokai Project 2.0 will focus on further educate the public and engaging with the youth of Molokai – “Hui Up” is an Energy Star appliance bulk purchase program that will allow resident to replace their inefficient refrigerators with energy-efficient products at affordable prices.

The program will also focus on tracking the energy consumption of each household by using the Energy Tracker portal to monitor their progress over 12 months. The students of Molokai will become the catalyst to provide energy solutions to the resident by monitoring their energy use and further providing them guidance in the months to come. Blue Planet Foundation will provide the necessary tools for the students to implement this program.

Beginning in April 2011, Blue Planet will conduct a community survey to learn more about existing refrigerators and energy use of each household. Those interested in participating can find more information, and apply to participate, at Molokai’s Earth Day Fair on April 22 at the Mitchell Pauole Center, and the Molokai Ag Fair on April 30 at Lanikeha Community Center.

Visit GreenMolokai.org for more information on the project, or email Francois Rogers, special projects director, at francois@blueplanetfoundation.org


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