Molokai, the Dream

Listen to the voice of the endless sea, blending with the shimmering indigo sky, on this beautiful place called Molokai.
Together you stroll on the golden sands, exploring the beaches, walking hand in hand.
Just the mere presence on this island is more than a thrill, you get the feeling that time has stood still.
No matter where on earth you have traveled in your mind’s eye, there is no place as magnificent as lovely Molokai.
From the lush green jungle on the island’s east end, stroll under the rich canopy sky, to the quaint little town of Kaunakakai.
Wherever you go and whatever your scheme, the entire island is like the proverbial dream.
The sunset is like the soft, gentle words to a song; if you see it even once, it will grace your member your whole life long.
Wherever on this earth you my travel or fly, you will be forever and ever on Molokai.

Jerome Finn


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