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No Comment Part I
Properly registered forum posters will be more responsible. On the Maui News (website) I contributed frequently, but I am glad that the forums are gone. I am not only disappointed that such nastiness exists among us in paradise, but I am also embarrassed that the whole world can read this stuff – much of that gibberish was posted by poorly raised teenagers. If, in the name of the first amendment, we abuse this free speech by making others feel awful, then we need someone to put a stop to these voices from hell.

I asked myself the question why things got ugly over in the (Times website), and I can only surmise that in the "Times" nobody had to put a forum name to their posts. This was confusing to say the least. I signed myself as "harmony" over there so that others recognize me as having a certain motive in my dialog. I often wish that there would be some lively input of opinions and suggestions (at the Dispatch website) as well.

Submitted by regular online contributor, Halemanu

No Comment Part II
Will the Molokai Dispatch follow Maui News and remove their comment section as well?
Thanks, Papo
If the Maui News comment section wasn't being overloaded by abuse, they would have kept the service alive. So far we haven't experienced really bad abuse on our site, so we'll be keeping things the way they are.
Todd Yamashita – Editor in Chief


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