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The Molokai Dispatch endorses alternatives to developing La`au Point

A plan, no matter how well thought out, can only benefit a community if the community supports it.

The evidence is clear that the proposed development of La`au is painfully splitting our community. The plan, which may indeed have been borne of good will, has in fact become an instrument of division, frustration and anger to this otherwise close-knit community. The tension and
polarity of this predicament can only increase if alternative actions are not taken.

“Honest dialogue between all parties should resume with more attention
devoted to alternatives to the development of La`au Point,” wrote
Elizabeth Johnson in a recent letter to the editor. I could not have suggested
it better.

There comes a time when our accumulated efforts and egos must be
temporarily put aside. There comes a time when it is necessary to forgo
our networked alliances and shed our obstinate pride. There comes a
time when we have to put away all other things so that we can see with
more clarity exactly what is happening around us.

The Molokai Dispatch supports and endorses the search for alternatives to developing La`au Point. We are committed to the vision that there
is a better way to move forward as a community.


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