Molokai Crew Sails to Tahiti


Oiwi TV photo by Kaipo Ki’aha


Oiwi TV photo by Kaipo Ki’aha

Kekama 2

Oiwi TV photo by ‘Aina Paikai

By Catherine Cluett Pactol

Molokai crewmembers aboard Hokulea and sister vessel Hikianalia are currently headed to Tahiti from two directions. Kekama Helm, sailing on Hokulea, just visited Pitcairn enroute to the Marquesas Islands, and on to Tahiti. There, the Hawaiian voyaging canoe, nearing the completion of its historic, almost-four-year Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage, will meet up with the Hikianalia, which departed from Hilo last week with Molokai crewmembers Kawika Crivello and Lohiao Paoa aboard.

The Hikianalia is currently making a Pacific Ocean crossing and is expected to arrive in Tahiti in mid-April to coincide with Hokulea’s arrival. The Hikianalia is a 72-foot modern Polynesian voyaging canoe that uses sustainable solar and wind energy to combine the latest ecological technology with the heritage of the voyaging tradition.

The two vessels will travel throughout Tahiti and Raiatea to engage with the local community in ceremony and education outreach as they celebrate the message of caring for Island Earth. Tahiti will mark the crew’s final stop before sailing back home to Hawaii. Together, Hokulea and Hikianalia will head home to a welcoming ceremony on Magic Island planned for June.


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