Molokai Author Celebrates 5th Book

Photo by Jack Kiyonaga

Leap Day, Feb. 29, featured a special event at Pacific Eatery in Kaunakakai. Molokai-based artist Arabella Arc held a book signing, celebrating her fifth completed novel, “The Life She Didn’t Live, and the One She Did.”

Arc started writing back in 1999, but didn’t finish her first book, “Pants on Fire,” until 2013. Now, she has finished three books in the last couple of years. The California native spent more than 30 years living in Waianae, before moving to Hana and then Molokai, to be near family. Arc explained the pace of life on Molokai has afforded her more time to write.

“The Life She Didn’t Live and the One She Did” is a spy novel.

“I used to be addicted to [spy novels],” said Arc. “I never imagined writing one, but I did…It’s a different kind of look at espionage.”

Arc is best known for her ceramic work, for which she has been recognized throughout Hawaii and has displayed internationally. While ceramics and writing are different kinds of artistic disciplines, Arc explained that the core of artistic expression remains universal.

“The art process, just the fact that you are by yourself and making something, that’s something that they have in common,” she said.

Conversely, ceramics are “all about beauty and aesthetics,” while “writing allows me to explore things about the human heart,” Arc explained.

The Thursday afternoon event featured an array of Arc’s books for purchase along with snacks and tea. Those interested in buying any of Arc’s books can visit the store Molokai from the Heart, Amazon.com, or see Arc in person.


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