Molokai Artists at Honolulu Museum Shop

Honolulu Museum of Art News Release

Still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? The Museum Shop has you covered with these one-of-a-kind pieces by local artists from the Friendly Isle.

Living on Molokai, Terry Klerlein gathers all the materials used in creating her one-of-a-kind pine needle baskets. Her love for the mountains and forests combined with her appreciation of color, texture, rich designs and natural materials translates easily to the ancient traditional art of pine needle basket weaving.

“I’m in awe of the wealth of natural materials to be found on Molokai: the treasures from the sea and vegetation,” she said. “My love of the island and its incredible beauty are my inspiration. I hope every basket I weave is evidence of the joy I find in creating with nature’s gifts, my hands and my heart.”

Kanoelani Davis, founder of PoMahina Designs, is a true kama a Hina (child of the goddess Hina), with familial ties to Molokai extending back for generations. A lifelong cultural practitioner, her dedication to culture, advocacy for cultural awareness and love for design form the basis of the patterns adorning the wearable art of PoMahina Designs.

Retired accountant Kim Markham has found her true passion in clay and sculpture.

“As long as I am alive and can shape the clay, I shall be delighted to indulge in earth and water, painting with oxides and elements, pushing forms upward and imagining how my glaze concoctions will mature,” she said. “And yet, as a ceramic artist I am tormented because I must surrender my creations, in regular and ritual sacrifice, to the kiln gods. Every firing is followed by days of uncertainty. Will my intentions be blessed or will I find a horrid mess, an explosion, an abject failure that took many of the diminishing days of my life to create?… I keep them for a while, tracing the glaze runs, memorizing the colors and textures, until it’s time to release them.”

Nancy Gove’s pioneering spirit and devotion to creating the finest quality salt has put Pacifica Hawaii in the forefront of international salt production. Pacifica Hawaii gourmet sea salts are complex on the palate–offering subtle sweetness with the piquancy of sea-extracted salt. The signature gourmet line of Hawaiian Traditionals is timeless and flavorful. The Blush Salts are sophisticated and enticing. The Specialty line is delectable and fun.

Each of Paula Scott‘s handmade monoprints is unique. The botanical prints are from leaves, collected from a nearby forest in Pala’au Park on Molokai. Stencils are also used in combination or alone to create layered images. Each card easily fits a 5×7 inch frame but they can also be layered in groups of unique color combinations.


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