Molokai Again Says No To Undersea Cable

Molokai community leaders Kanoho Helm and Walter Ritte told PBS Hawaii Insights moderator Dan Boylan last night that Molokai doesn’t want the billion-dollar undersea cable and Molokai doesn’t want Big Wind.

While Helm repeatedly stated the I Aloha Molokai (IAM) position of no to both the cable and the windmills, Ritte said right now his position is also no but that could change if given the opportunity to negotiate and have his long list of benefits met. The list was so long that he did not have time to finish reading it.

In interpreting Mr. Ritte’s position on Big Wind, he came across willing under the disguise of the Hawaiian culture (Kamakani and La`amaomao) to compromise and sacrifice Molokai for a controlling interest in determining Molokai’s future.

Joining Helm and Ritte in their opposition to the project was Friends of Lanai’s Robin Kaye, leaving Alberta De Jetley, Editor of Lana`i Today, as the single voice in favor.

Kaye and De Jetley repeatedly disagreed on the intensity of opposition to the project from Lanai residents, with Kaye noting that many residents are being intimidated by Castle & Cooke from voicing their opposition.

Boylan ended the program by saying that more discussion, and perhaps three more shows, was in order. IAM would welcome the opportunity to continue these discussions because the cable and Big Wind are not good for Hawaii.

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Mahalo and best wishes,
Peggy Lucas
I Aloha Molokai 


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