Molokai Activists Support Taro Bill with rally in Honolulu

State lawmakers stall GMO Taro moratorium bill

CAPTION: Walter Ritte, answering questions from reporters in front of the State Capitol Building in Honolulu before leading an anti-GMO rally: "The Hawaiians have not given their permission for scientist to modify the genes of their first-born Haloa, the taro."


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  1. iholdit says:

    There will be various protests regarding genetic engineering/modification throughout the u.s. on 3/26/11.
    The purpose of the protest is primarily to,

    1. Get all food products containing genetically engineered/modified organisms, labeled.

    2. Get mandatory FDA testing of genetically engineered/modified organisms before they are allowed to be used for human consumption.

    3. Get better regulations for those growing/keeping genetically engineered/modified organisms, to reduce the contamination of organic farms etc.

    If you wish to participate in the protest and want to find out where the nearest protest to you is, or you can not attend a protest but would like to sign petitions regarding labeling genetically engineered/modified foods etc. please click on these links for more information.

    Tell the fda to label all GMO and GEO foods in the u.s.

    Tell major supermarkets in the u.s. to label GMO and GEO…16&type=CU

    They are trying to get enough people to have a protest in hawaii, so please go on the facebook page if you are interested.

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